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Peter David

PR & Social Media Chair

I am 55 years of age with a back ground in Customer service / Field operations. Having started off as a field service engineer and working my way into management with blue chip companies such as Ricoh uk and BskyB. I currently still at work part time at Royal mail and have a small utilities business to help other to save …..
I am originally from south London moving to Dorset in 2016, Joining rotary a few years later having met a few Rotarians at an event that the team had organised in the local area. I was looking to give something back, but was not sure what or how this looked like. All I was sure of I did not want to do something that was lost to big charities and had an impact to our local communities.
I am current involve in developing our relationship with our local youths, which we have our schools involved in, such as environmental projects and a Rotary technology competition.
I am currently chair of the PR and Media team who have responsibility for promoting rotary to our potential customers /sponsors which anyone can get involved in.

Peter David
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