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A History of the Rotary Clock

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The Club contributed an exterior electric Rotary clock to be erected on the north wall of Ferndown Library many years ago, when Ferndown Rotary was still new and before Tesco's in Ferndown was developed. Ferndown Library was demolished not long after this was completed, but Alan Dean recovered the Clock from the ruins!

It was renovated by me and erected on Ferndown Fire Station after some haggling by Alan. It failed a couple of times during the years after that, and I was tasked with repairing and refurbishing it. It was eventually beyond repair and discarded.

I received a quotation for £1100 for a new clock to our design with the Rotary Logo in the summer of 2014. We sought a grant from the Town Council, which was approved for £500. With the help of a "Cherry Picker" given by the Fire Department, the new clock was dutifully mounted atop the Fire Station. We held a brief unveiling ceremony with the Mayor and the Club President (Derek Powell) in attendance, as well as photographs and other advertising materials. (All of the documentation is still with me!)

This clock is entirely weather-resistant, mains powered and has a full electronic control, which means it will reset itself in the event of a power outage, as well as for summer and wintertime. Over the last seven years, it has taken no maintenance at all!

So there you have it - another community effort from their local Rotary Club.

Bill Field

Founder Member of Ferndown Rotary Club

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