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Poochadise Dog Show

Welcome to the Poochadise Charm School, where Canine manners matter!
The Charm School is a Dog Training Service operating 1-2-1 training sessions in and around Ferndown.

Kat agrees with positive reinforcement with reward based training and does not teach negative, cruel and hurtful training methods.

Many people are quick to label their dog 'a problem' because the dog 'will not do as it's told' or he/she is trying to be the 'alpha of your family'. Most of these cases are simply because the owners are not communicating clearly what they expect of their dog so the dog then gets confused and everyone gets frustrated. In other cases, training may have moved forward too quickly and the new behaviours had not yet sunk into the dog or maybe you've been given poor advice based on the old debunked 'wolf pack theory' and the bond between yourself and your dog needs restoring.

Kat works closely with you and your dog(s) to help make training fun and enjoyable for everyone involved!
Never be scared to ask for help and advice. You have not failed as an owner, you are taking steps to make things right and for this, I salute you!

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